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Alternative Boxing Stances 4. Look Mum No Hands :)

This is by far the riskiest of guards and does not come recommended. Individuals who only use this guard are never seen however for entertainment value such superstars as Roy Jones Jr, 'Prince' Naseem Hamed, Joan Guzman and Pernell 'Sweet Pea' Whittaker utilise this stance.

Rather than providing a defensive shell from attack like the other guards, this one offers no defense other than the boxers speed and reflexes. It is however highly entertaining for viewers and gives the boxer a way to express their dominance. Psychologically it can help a boxer get into a rhythm where they may dodge a few punches with their hands down before returning to another safer guard.

It can also be used as a way to lull the opponent into a false sense of security and be used to set up traps if the practitioner is highly experienced and extremely confident that they can handle their opponents speed, power, reach and timing.

When it works it can look spectacular as you can see below

Common Mistakes 1. Attempting this guard when you are anything other than highly experienced As already mentioned this 'defense' relies entirely on skill, timing, speed and reaction. Anything other than the perfect amount of all of these attributes will result in you getting hit cleanly with no backup form of defense to cushion the hit. 2. Attempting this guard late in your career Unfortunately as they say "father time catches us all", and never is this more apparent in boxing than with speed reliant fighters. Speed and reaction time is often one of the first attributes to go and with the steepest decline. When this occurs fighters may find themselves wearing shots that they would have easily evaded years earlier. When this decline begins to set in it is essential to make modifications to your game to ensure your safety and continued success. Undoubtedly this guard should never be done once a fighters speed and reactions have noticably decreased.

3. Using this guard at all

It can be said that using this guard at all is asking for trouble. When it works it looks amazing as can be seen in any highlight reel of any of the above mentioned fighters. In addition Anderson Silva's dominance of Forrest Griffin using the hands down defence was nothing short of brilliant. However...against Chris Weidman....not so much. When it doesnt work its also spectacular....but for all the wrong reasons as you can see below.

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