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Alternative Boxing Stances 2. Peak A Boo Common Mistakes

1. Not tucking elbows in

A common stance that people learning this guard take on is one where the hands are positioned correctly or near enough to, however their elbows flare out to the side. This mistake can greatly increase your chances of receiving punishment to the body especially from body rips. It also adds unnecessary angles to any punches that you may throw increasing your likelihood of telegraphing your shots and being counter punched. 2. Resting your chin on your gloves Another small mistake that can be surprisingly costly is keeping the hands too low so that the chin rests on the gloves. Remember the Peakaboo style is above all a guarding stance and form of defense. The purpose of the glove positioning in front of your face is to protect your chin. By resting your chin on your gloves you completely remove this benefit and your defense along with it. 3. Not moving your hands when your opponent is setting up a clinch One thing to be careful of when using the Peakaboo style is the problems associated with the clinch. This is a real concern because people who use the Peakaboo are usually power punchers who in turn are usually the ones who people try to clinch to negate their power. If caught in a clinch unsuspectedly in the Peakaboo style you can face the risk of having both your hands trapped due to both your hand position and the relatively squared shoulder position. 4. Over committing or leaning too far forward Although the Peakaboo style is great for aggressively covering distance, one must be careful not to dip the head too far down as this can compromise vision or not to over commit when lunging in to attack as this can lead to balance problems and increase the effects of your opponents counter especially uppercuts.

5. Not maintaining neutral eye position

Due to the hand position of the peakaboo style it is all the more reason to maintain eye contact with your opponent. Because the hands are more in front of your face they can block your vision and open you up to potentially disasterous punches. The picture attached to this entry (as much as it pains me to add it :) is of even the great "Iron" Mike Tyson being exposed to punishment on the ropes from this position. It should be noted that at this point in his career he had largely stopped using the effective head movement and explosive footwork that are essential for this style to be used.

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