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Alternative Boxing Stances 2. Peak A Boo

The Peak A Boo Style was popularised by legendary trainer Cus D'Amato. It was effectively used by his fighters Floyd Patterson, Jose Torres, Kevin Rooney and ofcourse the most famous example 'Iron' Mike Tyson.

The Peakaboo style gets its name from the positioning of the hands in front of the face which resembles the game played with children. With the Peakaboo style the shoulders are slightly more squared than in other styles and certainly more than in the Philly Shell. The gloves are placed in front of the face covering the jaw line with elbows tucked to protect from body shots. In stark contrast to the long lead which will be examined in an upcoming post, the Peakaboo style relies on explosive footwork to make the transition to the inside rather than using ones reach and staying on the outside. Defense will again be covered in future posts but the defensive movements especially of the head are quite different in the Peakaboo style compared to other boxing guards. Defensive movements of the hands revolve largely around the double hand cover or a modified version of the proverbial "oh sh*t" position. Defensive movements of the head involve a lot of slipping and lateral flexion / side bending of the torso. It is important to note that this body movement would normally be contraindicated in the traditional boxing stance because it would involve you bending away from the protection of your hands. However as the hands are directly in front of the face in the Peakaboo position, this side bending motion is possible and furthermore advised. The footwork involved in the Peakaboo style is quite aggressive and heavily involves cutting off the ring. This is achieved through lateral shuffling to cut off your opponents possibility of escape and by "stealing steps" forwards (again to be covered later). Another advantage of the Peakaboo Style and the unique head movement that accompanies it is the variety of angles and punches that it makes available. The 45 degree jab, hook, uppercut, body rip and overhand all suit the Peakaboo style extremely well. The Peakaboo style can be used by anyone however it certainly suits powerful punchers especially inboxers and brawlers who have an intimidation factor when moving forwards most. Boxers not known for their punching power may not be able to utilize this guard or the openings that it can create to their fullest but may be useful on occasions none the less.

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