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Alternative Boxing Stances 1. Common Mistakes when attempting to copy Mayweather

1. Attempting Mayweathers Defence when you are not experienced enough As mentioned when introducing Mayweathers Defence, it is important to remember that it is a relatively difficult guard to master and boxers should aim to understand the guard rather than merely imitating what seems to be just a lowered lead hand..

Until the boxer is relatively experienced and comfortable with punches being thrown at them they will feel quite exposed when attempting this guard. For this reason it should be introduced gradually into pad work to see the different angles and entry points it creates. Once the boxer is comfortable with this they should introduce defense against the pads from the stance before introducing it into sparring. Only once it feels extremely comfortable should it be attempted in competition setting. 2. Tucking the lead hand under the rear elbow One problem that the Internet generation has brought with it is easy access to somewhat questionable information. This is not to say that an abundance of good quality information is available online just that one needs to be careful of their sources in order to prevent learning the wrong technique. These posts aims to provide a comprehensive overview of boxing technique however it is still essential to be used in conjunction with a good quality coach and regular training sessions. One common mistake that seems to appear on many online videos is the position of the front hand. As mentioned earlier the correct position is held across the stomach, however many videos erroneously show the lead arm being tucked under the rear elbow. This is a bad position for a number of reasons 1. You lack the ability to quickly snap out your jab because it runs the risk of getting caught under your elbow

2. If your opponent clinches all they need to do is secure your rear arm and you will have no free arms because you have in effect trapped your own lead arm

3. A straight to the body placed just above your lead arm will also effectively trap your arm leaving you open to your opponents cross

The picture related to this post shows Adrien Broner being caught with his hands incorrectly placed. It is easy to see the problems which this could lead to (Lets forget the hand positioning of Malignaggi for now :) 3. Not hiding your chin behind your shoulder/ Dangling the front hand too loosely These two common mistakes often go hand in hand. It is important to remember that the stance of Mayweather is a form of defense in itself and not merely dropping of the lead hand and letting it hang. While this is possible during movement and outside of punching range as soon as you or your opponent closes the distance to within punching range you must ensure that you tuck your chin behind your shoulder and have your lead hand across your body where it can be effectively used to punch rather than hanging in front of your leg where it will most likely be too slow due to crossing too much distance. By hanging your lead hand low you also inadvertently expose your chin because the weight of your arm especially in later rounds where you may be tired will usually draw your shoulder down with it. By consciously tucking your chin you will contract your trapezius muscle which will help elevate your shoulder to its protective position.

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